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Get to the Point

Get To The Point

Author: Chris Stoakes
ISBN: 978-0-95749-463-3

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Writing is one of the key factors in professional success. It is one of the ways in which managers and clients appraise you. It will have a direct impact on your career. Write well and clients and colleagues will rate you. Write badly and it could harm your prospects.

This book will help you develop a straightforward and compelling style that will enable you to get your points across simply and quickly.

Who this book is for?

Bosses say the young people they recruit cannot write. But young people are used to communicating and expressing themselves more than ever before. And the professions they go into, like law, accountancy and management consultancy, attract the very best graduates. These young people can certainly write.

So what’s going on? This book addresses that issue.

It explains how to write well at work. Whether or not you have been taught to write well at school, this book will help you develop the right techniques for work. By applying some basic principles, tips and techniques, it will help you write in a way that bosses and clients want.

About the author

Chris Stoakes is a master of language. He also knows the world of business. His books on business subjects such as the financial markets, commercial awareness and the law are hugely popular, especially amongst young people, for their clarity of expression and simplicity of style.

Chris has been writing professionally for thirty years. He has been by-lined in the quality national papers, his words have been quoted in Parliament and he has edited a wide variety of business, finance and legal publications. He is also an award-winning poet.

Chris knows the professional world. He has been a lawyer, a partner in a City law firm and a management consultant. He trains professionals in how to write. He is a qualified teacher and an MBA tutor. It’s this experience and viewpoint that Chris brings to bear in Get To The Point. Chris was educated at Charterhouse and Oxford where he read law.

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Get To The Point