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Know the City

All You Need To Know About The City

Author: Chris Stoakes
ISBN: 978-0-95749-466-4

Price: £12.95


'All You Need To Know About The City' is the essential guide to the financial markets. It is read by students thinking of pursuing a career in finance and young professionals starting out. It covers all of the major types of financial instrument including bonds, derivatives and securitisations. It explains who the principal market participants are – issuers, intermediaries and institutional investors. It details how interest rates move and their impact on markets. And it outlines the life cycle of a company – how businesses start, grow and die.

Now in its 15th year of publication, 'All You Need To Know About The City' is established as the go-to, best-selling publication in its field.

About the author

Chris Stoakes is well known amongst students for making complex subjects easy to understand. A regular speaker at universities around the country, he is regarded as an expert on commercial awareness and the financial markets and is popular for his engaging style and use of simple language.

A former City lawyer and financial journalist, Chris has worked in and around the City for almost all of his career. He has also worked as a management consultant and marketing director and has run his own business.

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Know the City