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Professional qualifications

All our published products are kept up-to-date by members of three professional content teams plus a dedicated eLearning or online team. Instructional design professionals play an important role throughout the developmental stages and production methods are tailored to suit individual products, with a learning and content management system providing the infrastructure of everything we publish.

Individual content specialists are given specific responsibility for the materials produced for any individual papers; and they receive feedback on those materials from a range of stakeholders, including the Kaplan teaching team, public and private sector colleges throughout the world and from Kaplan classroom students and external college students along with distance learning and private study students. Content specialists are also able to call upon the experience and expertise of their colleagues within the content team, particularly when new syllabus developments are introduced by any of the professional examining bodies.

Each of our Content Specialists belongs to one of the three subject stream teams. Within these teams, content specialists develop their expertise in specific subject areas and for specific examination papers. The teaching element of their role ensures that all members of our Content Team stay technically up-to-date. Their teaching also infuses their desire to improve the learning materials as they have first-hand experience of how students respond to the core materials. This means that every member of our Content Team can identify more readily those areas that need more work in a holistic student and exam-focussed product.

Our Content Team is led by Julie Hughes (Head of Production and Content Development) who is ably supported by the managers of the three subject stream teams: Lynne Howey (taxation), Steve Weaver (management) and Tony Sweetman (financial reporting, audit & law). Lynne, Steve and Tony are all qualified accountants and collectively have many years of professional exam-based teaching plus content creation experience. There are approximately twenty-five members of the Content Team who all have an appropriate professional accounting qualification plus relevant teaching experience as a foundation for their content creation work. Typically, a content specialist will have a minimum of three years teaching experience and will often have some experience of writing or proofing content prior to joining the Team.

Business Books

Kaplan Publishing has also developed a range of Business Books designed to help students with the more difficult and demanding subject areas, along with helping them to understand a range of business-related topics. There are currently eleven titles in the “A Student’s Guide to.....” series, dealing with diverse subject such as IFRS and corporate finance and financial management. The authors of these books are specialists in their chosen topics and, as you would expect, come from a variety of different business and academic backgrounds.

Our Understanding....... series provides an introduction to core professional subjects and currently covers Business Maths, Economics, People Management, and Professional Ethics, along with a Dictionary of Business Terms.

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